Here some features and settings of our Autoresponder

  • Autoresponders and Planned Campaigns

Autoresponder sequences and campaigns launch can be programmed to be sent immediately, on a set day of the week or with a specific interval set by the user. Each sequence of messages related to every single set autoresponder can have its own customized program based on your specific needs.

  • Follow-Up

Follow Up it's a useful setting that allows you to send a sequence of messages automatically, setting the interval of time between one message and another. Thanks to Follow-up you can easily program the automatic delivery of messages and information even for several months or years. .

  • Profiles

Thanks to our Professional Autoresponder you can create several company profiles with personalized information related to the businesses run by you, and mostly the possibility to personalize sender's email address for every sent message!

  • E-mail format HTML /Text

With HTML integrated editor, you can create professional and graphically personalized emails. It's possibile to send e-mails in text format easy and quickly, in HTML with personalized graphic or with the innovative system “Multi Parts” that includes both HTML and normal text adapted to the default format chosen by the provider of the emails receiver.

  • Dynamic email object

Our Autoresponder system allows you to set a “Diynamic Email Object". Thanks to our system, it's possible to create a variety of contents as “Objects” of your email address for every email sent or that you plan to send, and for each follow-up message in your autoresponders. The system will automatically perform the "Split" of your contents in a rotation for every user that receives the message.

  • Customized pages

Our service allows to customize the pages that will be displayed for the user during the registration process. Our service allows you to make the most out of the customization service during all the phases of the registration and confirmation process.

  • Personalized Business profiles

If your business requires the diversification of your marketing email campaigns and information displayed depending on several activities, it's necessary to automate everything in order to save time and resources! This need is at the origin of the useful “profile” setting integrated in our service.

  • Delivery time and date

You can send your message to your clients when you want thanks to the specific send times programming. This is the best way to communicate promotions or specific events to your registered users.

  • Segmentation and registered targeting

Maximizing sells screening your registered users depending on different criterias, among them seen messages and clicked links. Thanks to the useful integrated screen you can send every campaign in a focused and efficient way.

  • Mails management

Don't waste your time and resources sending messages to dead email online accounts, neither active nor correct, or unable to answer. Our bounce mails management system will keep the registered users database clean, therefore without inactive email accounts.

  • Links Tracking

Track the links clicked by registered users in your email messages. Thanks to this function you can understand interests and effectiveness of your campaigns, creating marketing email campaigns more focused on the interests of your users.

  • Form Generator

Use the subscription Form generator to create subscription's forms to autoresponder ready to be embedded in your website. You can create subscription forms for single or multi autoresponders choosing which search fields and information you want to include in each form.

  • Change subscription data

Thanks to your Autoresponder your registered users can modify their data and that allows you to send them personalized emails.

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