Frequently Asked Questions


Does the 30 Days Free trial limit my access to features?
No. Your first month of full-featured service.

Am I locked into a contract?
No. There are no long-term contracts with our monthly, semi annual or annual plans. No contracts. No obligations. Cancel payment anytime from client panel account.

Can I change my plan later?
yes, you can change your plan at anytime by contacting our support will give you the necessary information to change Plan.

What types of payment do you accept?
We accept only secure  2Checkout payment with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal.

Are there any setup fees?
No. There are no setup fees or hidden charges with any of our account plans. Order your first month FREE and get instant access to your new campaign. then you will pay $25 each month starting from the end of the first 30 days free trial

What is Spamming?
Spamming is the sending of an unsolicited email. You are spammer if that you send an email, generally an ad of some sort, to someone who has not requested to receive that information from you. Spamming is strictly prohibited at Only people who have come directly to you to request your specific information (entered through subscription forms and double optin) may be emailed with an account.

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